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“If you are in business to make money and it requires the customer to instantly understand a complex issue or business structure, hire David Blum. We are launching a very complex E. coli prevention system for beef. David grasped the complexity of the issue, industry and political landscape quickly. His infographic is the core of our now-national campaign. He was precise on cost, timelines, updates and developed a piece that fits our needs precisely. David has proven to be the best money we have spent in the entire campaign.” —Dr. Scott Crain, CEO, VeriPrime Food Safety Cooperative  “David is a true pro. He was extremely responsive, came up with the concept in a matter of 1 day and had the whole project completed in a week ... and that included revisions based on my feedback.” —Dmitriy Naymark, Naymarkbiz SEO  “The best provider I have ever worked with... Proactive, a great communicator and the final design was outstanding.” —William, Electronic Allies, LLC